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This assignment provides you with an opportunity to explain the dynamics of teamwork, including motivation, conflict resolution, and leadership. First, read the scenario below. Scenario: The vice president (VP) of marketing has hired you as the leader whose first task involves implementing a new

process for applying customer service within the organization. The VP shares that the purpose of this initiative is to help

resolve a list of issues that are negatively infecting teamwork

: (1) morale is low, (2) employees are consistently late for

work while others leave early, (3) workers disagree on the daily workload, (4) there is no drive or enthusiasm, and (5)

above all, two employees have comp

lained about harassment.

Your team consi

sts of eight employees: three are newly hired emp

loyees, five employees are male

and three are female.

Each employee has a diverse background. Your charge is to reach the goal of improving customer service by directing the

team through the five stages of t

eam development.

After reading the scenario, write a minimum three

page paper by using the fol

lowing questions as guidelines:


Motivation: What is the current state of motivation for employees, and what can you

do to improve their




What can leadership personnel do to positively impact teamwork that eventually le

ads to better

customer service?


Resolving conflict: How can the employees approach resolving conflicts with one another in order to mainta

in a

positive teamwork dynamic?

BBA 3361, Professionalism in the Workplace




ving conflict: How can the employees approach resolving conflicts with cust



Teamwork: What types of activities would help the team progress through the five stages of team development?

(See page 161 in the textbook for the stages.)

Also, be sure you

r paper fulfills the following requirements:


The body of the paper consi

sts of at least three pages.


The format of your paper follows APA style. Click


to access the

CSU Citation Guide. A sample research

paper that has been formatted in APA style

starts on page 20 of the guide



Properly cite one reference (

e.g., journal



) that you located from t

he university’s online library.


Properly ci

te two references (e.g.,

article, webpage

) that you located from reputable source

s (e.g


online library or

reputable web



Properly cite

your textbook within the paper.

Finally, review your paper thoroughly to revise and correct any mistakes before submittin

g it in

Blackboard for grading.

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.


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