Unit 5 Assignment: Hurricane Andrew

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Please read the case study, Hurricane Andrew 1992, on pages 394 -395 and research one article on this topic. Write an essay to answer the following questions:

  • If you were the nursing home administrator, what would you have done differently in the wake of a hurricane?
  • How would you enhance emergency planning?
  • What type of decision tree would you suggest using?
  • How would you work with the loved ones of those in the facility to better ensure disaster preparedness and response?
  • How would you link into the broader healthcare and emergency management community?

Your essay should be thorough, well-conceived college-level writing that is grammatically correct. Be sure to justify your responses with facts and details from the readings, with your opinions and with your conclusions. An appropriate length for this assignment is one to two pages in length (double spaced, 12 point font size). Please be sure to cite your source using APA.


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