final research paper info tech in global economy

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Final Research Papers :

Though this assignment is due as noted above, you can submit now if you have completed it. Better earlier, than late. I will not take late submissions.

The paper will be 16 pages long, and double-spaced. Paper length requirement is 16 pages of content from Title Page through References. The Research Paper is worth 15% of the final grade. That would include Parts 1&2 (topic and abstract) grade that you already completed during your residency. The paper MUST be submitted via SafeAssign to receive a similarity score of no more than 25% matching other people’s work. This paper MUST be submitted in MS Word format, NOT PDF format.

The Final papers will contain a title page, abstract, TOC, introduction/topic paragraph, summary/conclusion, and a minimum of Ten (10) peer-reviewed references at your references page. Remember, your research paper topics, and their abstracts are already approved by your instructor during your residency.

I understand your abstracts will be flagged by the SafeAssign as plagiarized work. Don’t send the abstract with your final paper, I will take note of that and will consider ONLY that part/section against your overall paper match. Please take notice that, NO any other different topic papers will be accepted for grading!!

During the residency, sections of this Assignment were completed and grades have been received that count towards the total grade of the final research paper grade:

Part I: Topic selection and approval exercise (Completed in Residency)

Part II: Abstract creation and formulation based on the selected and approved research topic (Completed in Residency)

Good luck!

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