tesla case analysis 1

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Assignment Description

In this assignment, you will conduct a written case analysis related to TESLA MOTORS’ business model and competitive advantage and provide insights into challenges and opportunities for the sustainability of the company. The goal is to demonstrate your ability to evaluate how competitive business strategies and forces influence, and analyzing its financial and performance statements can predict a company’s future financial success

Respond to the first set of questions using as time frame the period of the case (i.e. the time when the case was written). Imagine to be a consultant at the time of the case, and refer to the data:

  • What do you think of Tesla’s entry strategy? What barriers did it have to overcome?
  • Let’s look at Tesla’s profitability. What do the numbers say? Is Tesla profitable? Does it have a competitive advantage? Motivate your responses.
  • Now, look at Tesla today, exploring sources outside of the case:
  • How are they doing today?
  • How do you expect Tesla’s position to evolve by the end of 2020?What can Tesla do to prevent imitation or entry?


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