aoj 206 discussion easy english not high words 300 words

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Watch the PBS Frontline video “A Death in St. Augustine” (Links to an external site.). Then, conduct independent research to learn more about the case. Be sure to provide an APA-formatted reference for at least one source where you learned more about the case.

  1. Discuss the details of this case and the ethical implications related to the case and the investigation.
  2. Discuss if you believe this investigation was handled in an ethical manner. Support your answer. Discuss in detail any proposed changes to this investigation.
  3. Do you believe law enforcement agencies will intentionally cover-up the criminal acts of their officers by under-investigating a crime or not investigating it at all? Explain your answer.

This section must be at least 300 words minimum. Include a word count in parenthesis at the end.

Make sure to use proper APA formatting to cite your work if applicable.

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