marketing stratgeies

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One of the most important strategic decisions in international business is the mode of entering the foreign market. On the one extreme, a company may do the complete manufacturing of the product domestically and export it to the foreign market. On the other extreme, a company may do, by it self, the complete manufacturing of the product to be marketed in the foreign market there itself.

There are several alternatives in between these two extremes. The choice of the most suitable alternative is based on the relevant factors related to the factors related to the company and the foreign market.

Please write an essay explaining each of the market entry strategies listed below and provide an example of a product and multinational company using one of these strategies below:

Important foreign market entry strategies are the following:

(i) Exporting

(ii) Licensing/franching

(iii) Contract manufacturing

(iv) Management contract

(v) Assembly operation

(vi) Fully owned manufacturing facilities

(vii) Joint venturing

(viii) Mergers and acquisitions

Please make sure that you include your academic reference inside your essay.

APA format

DON’T use journals, Only website links in google

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