innovation and org transformation

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Overview and Rationale

The best way to understand the nature of organizational transformation and change management is by studying companies or businesses that have participated in the process. This assignment requires that you read an article about a company or organization that is either in the process of change, has completed a transformation, or is planning one. You will then reflect on: (1) how the four frames, discussed in our textbook, impact such change; (2) apply your personal/professional experiences to evaluating the nature of the change; and (3) relate your previous course work in the leadership program to the dynamics associated with organizational transformation.

Assignment Objectives

  • Apply your personal/professional experiences, and/or the information you have learned to date in your undergraduate and graduate course work, to a real-world problem.
    • Recognize obstacles and strengths to your personal development as a transformational leader, and identify solutions or plans on how to overcome those obstacles or develop those strengths.

This assignment focuses on your understanding of change management. You will work on analyzing and implementing choices related to a situation that deals with organizational change. In doing this, you are expected to consider the theoretical foundations associated with the respective company’s transformation and to analyze it using the frames identified in this course. You will also be required to prepare a well-constructed analysis about the respective organization’s initiative(s) from a leadership perspective.

Essential Components

Read the assigned article with an open and critical mind. You are also asked to:

  1. Describe the critical change management issues identified in the article;
  2. Explain how the organizational frames apply to the information in the article;
  3. Assume that you are the leader of the organization in the respective article. Explain how the organizational frames could help guide you in determining where-when-how to affect the necessary solutions or changes;
  4. Explain how change theories (such a Lewin’s three-stage model and others), as well as our readings and/or discussions to date, can help you understand, design and implement strategies for transformation;
  5. Describe the leadership models (situational, adaptive, transformational, etc.) you value and identify with, and how they might support you in affecting change at the organization described in the article; and
  6. Conduct some additional research about the organization to support your position.

Additional considerations for writing your paper:

When: Midterm

Length: 5 pages (double spaced – 12 font – APA style)

Weight: 15 points out of a possible 100 points for the course

Rubrics for grading:

  1. Understand (Rigor): Use of conceptual frameworks for self-awareness and reflection in transformational leadership
  2. Analyze (Depth & critical thinking): Critical evaluation of choices and actions, revealing strengths and weaknesses/areas for development
  3. Implement (Relevance and growth-based): Focus on personal growth as a transformational leader. Relevance of the action plan/personal polices for strengthening your own transformational leadership capabilities.
  4. Presentation: Clarity of writing. Reliance on NEU rubrics in English writing.

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