your first step is to find retrieve a database that contains the requirements below i would like for you to email me a copy of your raw data file in excel for me to approve you must find a data base or collect your data i will not be providing ra

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Choose any published database from the internet, library (such as those from the Census Bureau or any financial sites). I would like for you to try and retrieve a data file from your current employment if at all possible. This would help to really apply your learning in a more relevant way.

* Get advanced approval from the instructor on your chosen database. (November 24th)

* If the file is large, randomly choose 200 of the observations from the data.

* Explain each variable in the file that you are analyzing. Be sure your file includes at least 3 scale variables and at least 2 nominal variables.

For your Unit 08 Data Analysis Project, I would like for you to approach the following way:

1.Start by discussing your data.What does it represent?How did you collect the data?What do each of the variables (columns) represent?What is your leading question as to why you chose this data to analyze.

2.Conduct a Categorical Analysis on at least one of the variables in your data….just as you did for your homework in Unit 01.Copy and paste the output in your word document and write an analysis discussing the results of your test and interpreting your results.(what does this mean in relation to your leading question).

3.Conduct Descriptive Statistics on at least two of your variables.Copy and paste your output.Write an analysis and interpret your data.

4.Conduct any two of the following:

-One Sample Hypothesis Test for Mean

-One Sample Hypothesis Test for Proportion

-Two Sample Hypothesis Test for Mean

-Two Sample Hypothesis Test for Proportion


*You can’t do the same test on different variables.There must be TWO different types of test from above.Copy and paste your output for each…write an analysis and interpret results for each test.Keep your written analysis as close to your output tables as possible so I can see them as I am reading your analysis.

5.Conduct either a Chi Square Goodness of Fit test or a Test of Independence on some nominal variable in your data.Copy and paste your output and write an analysis and interpret.

6.Develop a model to predict an interval / ratio variable using at least 2 other variables. Use Multiple_Regression.xls and state the regression model and which variables are or are not significant. Also, use the model to make a prediction by making up values for each of the independent variables.These are files that you used in Unit 07. You will include your output tables and write an analysis for each

7.You should have a brief (1-2pages), overall summary of your findings at the end related to answering your leading question at the beginning of your project.

I am not requiring that you include a Table of Contents or an Appendix because all of your tables should be within the body of your paper.

You should upload your one word doc that contains your Data Analysis to the drop box.Separately, also upload an excel file that contains your raw data.

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