explore the epiphany 5 6 pages

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(1) A letter that discusses your difficulties and/or successes writing the essay

(2) Your Final Draft.

Explore the epiphany that the young boy has in James Joyce’s “Araby.” An epiphany is a sudden revelation of truth, usually inspired by a seemingly trivial incident (you should explain the epiphany itself, the circumstances leading up to it, and the knowledge or realization that the character seems to gain through the epiphany).

Make sure that you analyze the text of the story. You do not need to analyze everything, but you should definitely quote significant passages and explain them.

–>Structure: For this essay, begin with

• A formal introduction that (a) establishes the nature / plot of the short story (very brief summary) and introduces the theme or literary style [“The Tell-Tale Heart”= unreliable narrator; “Araby” = epiphany; “Barn Burning” = the nature of mystery; “Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” = magical realism and origin myth; “Axolotl” = magical realism] and (b) provides a thesis that specifically asserts your conclusion about the importance of those themes and/or literary styles.

• Your body paragraphs must explore the nature of that theme/literary style by specifically analyzing the text. Do not just retell the story. You are exploring the actual language of the text and showing how the theme/literary style works. SHOW us … do NOT just tell us.

• Your conclusion must be a conclusion that comes from your analysis of the story’s text and your discussion of how the theme and/or literary style relates to the overall story and then specifically

concludes what the importance of the theme and/or literary styles is/are.

NO outside sources!!!!!!


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