restate model

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You did my first paper. This one is related with previous one. It should be easy for you. Instruction is attached below.

Restate your three models (already done in first assignment).Many of you may have to come up with new models.Also, if it was stated poorly in the first exercise, fix it now.As always, remember PROCESS.Then make sure you have followed the other rules of thumb:Generality and interesting implications.Also, remember this isn’t a list itemizing different reasons for something, but rather models that are explaining how or why something happens.Ideally, for this assignment, they should be competing models where only one of them can be true.The format should be the same as in the first homework assignment. The first sentence is a simple sentence stating the model.The next couple of sentences can explain how the model relates to the observation.The model should be separate from the observation.Most people have a tendency to state a model too specific to the observation.Watch out for this.

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