sociology brief analysis 6

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Case Study in Globalization and Resistance: Globalization and the Palestinian Struggle against Israeli Colonialism and Apartheid

Book/Reading: Saree Makdisi, Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation

Grading Rubric and Book attached.

Each brief should be approximately 3-4 double-spaced 12 point font ASA format typed pages. Each brief should develop an analytical discussion on the particular topic that the book addresses.

You should start with a brief summary of the book, no more than one page.

a. What insights into globalization does the film, or website, or reading reflect?

b. What concepts or terms doe the it illustrate, and how?

c. What theory or theories of globalization does the film or reading or website (etc.) promote or refute or illustrate, and in what ways?

You should avoid writing about your personal feelings or opinions on the book.

The next 2-3 pages should analyze the book or brief topic in relationship to the underlying themes of the course, globalization and resistance movements. Analysis of the reading in relation to the larger themes of globalization and resistance. Here you want to draw on the other readings, on class lectures, on the films, and on any other sources you may have. You should use the sociological concepts and terms we have acquired in the course.

If you turn in a mere book report/summary you will not receive a passing score ; they must be analytical.

Book links: Kindle Cloud Reader – Amazon.com › CloudReader

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