please read and answer the following

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Assignment – Video Review Assignment – There may be numerous videos for this Chapter but you are to choose any three of the videos in the Chapter 16 folder in order to do this assignment.

Description of Assignment:

Watch the videos in the Chapter 16 folder.

Write a review of three of the videos (put this all in one document and turn in together):

  1. A synopsis of the video (its purpose, intent, etc)
  2. What the video meant to you: what did the video teach you / inform you of / impression it made on you.
  3. How you feel the video is related to the material in Chapter 16 of the course text.

Write a summary:

  1. Lessons you think individuals / organizations could learn from the videos.
  2. The most important information you personally took away from watching the videos.
  3. Would you recommend watching the videos to others (why or why not)?

What to turn in:

Write a review of the three (3) videos you choose (put this all in one document and turn in together): Submit assignment to blackboard

Points will be deducted for spelling and grammar errors.

Points will be assigned for each video review based on how on the quality of your content, not necessarily on quantity. Is your content well thought out?

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