discussion using both quantitative and qualitative methods walden

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Discussion: Using Both Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Many clinical practice issues are sufficiently complicated that neither a purely quantitative or qualitative approach can generate a comprehensive perspective of the issue. Particularly for investigating evaluative questions—such as the effectiveness of a program or treatment or the impact of a policy—some combination of quantitative and qualitative methods can be much more illuminating than relying on one method alone.

In this Discussion, you consider the use of a mixed-methods design in health care research studies.

To prepare:

  • With the Learning Resources in mind, and reflecting on what you have explored throughout this course, consider the benefits of using a mixed-methods research approach.
  • Brainstorm nursing practice situations in which using a mixed-methods design would be beneficial. Select one situation to focus on for the purposes of this Discussion. Consider how the quantitative and qualitative data would complement one another to provide a richer analysis and conclusion.
  • Also consider the challenges you might encounter in using a mixed-methods approach: data collection, analysis, or synthesis of qualitative and quantitative findings.

By Day 3

Post a cohesive response to the following:

  • Briefly explain your selected situation and why utilizing a mixed-methods approach would be beneficial.
  • Evaluate how the quantitative and qualitative data would complement one another.
  • Discuss the challenges you might encounter in using mixed methods for the situation you selected and how would you address these challenges.


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