design a poster as a public service announcement focused on any aspect of special populations during disasters

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Course Name: Public Health Implications of Disasters

Week 13 – Special Populations


This week’s unit deals with what is known as special populations. There is no precise definition for this term, but it includes every disaster victim other than a healthy adult. Thus, the category includes those who have physical and mental handicaps, the very young and very old, and those who are sent to or need the assistance of special shelters. Since there is an entire course dedicated to the psychological aspects of disaster management in this degree program, we have not focused either of this week’s discussion board questions on this subtopic. You must still read on mental health aspects of disasters for the course, but our focus will be children and the elderly/infirm.


Textbook assignments

1. Ciottone chapters 9, 10, and 58

4. Landesman chapter 8: Behavioral Health Strategies

5. Landesman chapter 11: People with Disabilities and Others With Access and Functional Needs

6. Landesman: chapter 15: Ethical Considerations in Public Health Emergencies

7. Wisner chapter 6

Journal articles-optional

1. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Pediatric Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness: A Resource for Pediatricians.pedresource.pdf

2. Ryan Larrance et al. Health Status Among Internally Displaced Persons in Louisiana and Mississippi Travel Trailer Parks.Larrance trailer park.pdf

3. Mary Currier et al. A Katrina Experience: Lessons Learned.Currier Katrina.pdf

Week 13 Assignment: PSA

Design a poster as a public service announcement focused on any aspect of special populations during disasters. This is the chance for you to think creatively as well as to showcase any artistic ability you have.

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