a personal philosophy of leadership paper

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Personal Philosophy of Leadership paper (due Week 7)

LDR 1100 Leadership Philosophy

“The Kind of Leader I Want To Be”

The paper is due NO LATER THAN Midnight Saturday of Week 7, although you can submit this earlier if you would like. Please turn in this assignment to the Turnitin Assignment link located within the week 7 module. Follow the instructions below very carefully to receive maximum point on your paper. High quality papers will attend to the details of grammatical correctness.

Do These Things:

* Define Leadership. Do library and/internet research plus use what you have learned in class to come up with this definition.

* Tell your leadership goals for while you are at Troy and in your future after graduation.

* Tell what leadership characteristics you want to possess and why.

* Tell what leadership style(s) you will use as you lead.

Follow These Guidelines:

* Write in the first person; this is about you and your plans and ideas.

* Length is approximately 500 words. (This is approximately 2-3 pages, double spaced.) It is best to write a 700-800 word rough draft and then edit.

* Use 12 point, Times New Roman Font, double-spaced with 1 inch top and bottom margins and 1 1/4 inch side margins.

* Follow the normal, basic rules of grammar.

* Use the spell-check and grammar-check on your word processing software to eliminate needless errors.

* Submit your paper on time. Start it soon, write it early, review it often.

* Spend lots of time on it before submission; have others read it and make suggestions.

* Paper Header

* Centered; place the course title on line 1,

* next include the following words on line 2 My Leadership Philosophy

* and finally, student name on line 3

* date on line 4.

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