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Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions. 125 words each

1.An example of an effective work group in health care is when a team works together to support the patient and providing the quality of care. The health care organization is one big team, but it takes many different department in order to function effectively. For example, It is important for the team to work effectively in the health care organization. I work in the in the back-end of the Revenue Cycle. It is important for all teams, Front End-Admitting, Middle End-Case Management, and Back End-Billing/Collections to work together to effecitvely communicate. There has been issues were authorizations that were not obtained at the time of service so I have to submit appeals to get the authorization denials overturn due to this being medically necessity of the patient. I believe that educating all team memberes within the organization in regards to other roles on how crucial it is needed to obtain the authorization and how it effects the other teams/departments in the backend.

The leadership team in my organization openly communicates with us in regards to the changes that are coming within the company. We have implemented new software to trigger so when the patient does become admitted into the hospital. The claims management system to a analysis on how the claim is billed on determine if their would be potential denials on the claims.

2.Effective teams are led by the example of the leadership within their organization. These leaders gives tasks and set goals that requires collaboration among team members, in order to accomplish these objectives. Leaders also set reachable goals and ensure that team members undergo continuous education and training in areas to help them be more effective in their job performance and to enhance their abilities and skill set. Effective teams must also have good morale and enthusiasm between team members. They share the same motivation to get things done in the work place and have good interpersonal and work relationships among one another. “Leaders also provide measurable objectives as a resource to help guide team members in excellent service delivery and continually educate employees in critical skills, such as communication and relationship building”. (Regis College para.1) Effective teams are ethically sound and practice equality throughout the entire organization. Increased productivity is also another characteristic of an effective team in a health care organization.

Regis College. (2019). How to Build an Effective Team in a Health Care Setting. Retrieved from…

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