critical analysis 70

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Critical Analysis

There was and remains a great divide of opinion related to the issues discussed in the articles below. These articles provide information and views on topics and for this assignment you choose one and answer the questions provided. -childhood immunizations there are three videos (two are the same but include these in your analysis)

Follow the link in the above article titled READ MORE: New Brunswick fracking debate reignited in Moncton, and watch the three videos on these pages and include in your discussion.

this video gives context but you will complete your analysis on the article below.

Your analysis will be on one of the arguments put forward in the article of your choice. I recommend that you read at minimum two of the linked articles to give you more context and understanding of the issue. Although you may decide to complete additional research on the topic the analysis and the answers to the questions are related specifically to the above article only.

This is an opportunity to utilize the knowledge that has been discussed in this course to determine and analyze anarticlethat is representative of the vast amount of information that we are faced with every day. As you proceed I have provided specific questions to consider as you analyze the articles. You may want to incorporate additional information but I want you to answer the questions provided and submit your answers with the analysis. The questions can be answered in point form but the analysis must be written using full sentences and paragraphs. The analysis should be no longer thanfour pagesdouble spaced, 12 font.

Part A: (30 marks):

What were your first impressions after reading the article?

Did the arguments sound believable?

What is the topic? And related to that what are the issues?

After the first read was your first inclination to agree or disagree with the position of the author?

Were you familiar with the topic? If yes what were your views prior to reading the article? Did this influence your expectation of the article?

Part B: (20 marks). Conclusions and reasons- When you complete this section list each conclusion separately and list reasons or lack of under each one. Do not forget that reasons must be evidence for the conclusions, not opinions.

Identify the conclusions and the reasons that support them.

Are there opinions that are stated as conclusions?

Are there conclusions that are supported with emotional reasoning?

Reasoning errors- Were you able to detect any?

What were they and what purpose to you suspect that the writer was hoping that the reasoning error would accomplish?

Was there any commonly understood information about this topic that you believe was left out that could have influenced the reader’s opinion of the issue, and as a result all those who read the articles?

Part C: (40 marks). Analysis – Write a clear and concise summary, maximum four pages double-spaced, including all the information that you have gleaned from the questions above. This summary is your critical analysis. Included in your analysis will be your decision as to whether you feel the argument presented was compelling and a sound critical thinking argument on this topic of the article that you chose.

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