bus325 on boarding memo

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This assignment, is about on-boarding. As I said in the Week 7 announcement, using the textbook is very important. Relying on websites for this topic isn’t sufficient since few go into detail as does the textbook. In other words, if you’re not going to use the textbook, be prepared to do extensive research. Remember, though, the textbook is a required source.

Here’s some helpful information. (1) There are three stages in on-boarding – Pre-Entry, Accommodation, and Role Management. These stages are discussed in detail starting on page 182. (2) On pages 195-197 there is an example chart called “Putting it All Together.”

The directions are in the Week 7 tab, so make sure you read them thoroughly. For clarity, here are the main parts:

  • Explain why an on-boarding process needs to be created. This would be a short introductory paragraph. This is not a sentence, it’s a paragraph. You must explain why , that’s rationale. Then create an outline of an on-boarding process. Include a brief explanation of each step and explain why it is important. This is the bulk of the memo. Each step can be listed, but it requires a full explanation and rationale for the steps.
  • Summarize what you believe are the two (2) most critical elements to consider when on-boarding in the global environment. This is the final paragraph and needs not only the points you believe are critical, but also why you believe it to be so. These items would be one or two of the stages or items therein.

As was noted in the directions, this assignment needs to be in a standard business memo format; the exception being that it needs a cover page and a reference page. Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. If, though, you are not familiar with a standard business format, please check out this website:


**ATTACHED IS THE SECTION THAT IS OUTLINES ABOVE. This would need to be used for this assignment**

BOOK USING: Lundby, Kyle, Jolton, Jeffrey. Going Global: Practical Applications and Recommendations for HR and OD Professionals in the Global Workplace. [Strayer University Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://strayer.vitalsource.com/#/books/9780470626…


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