finance management mini case 2

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This assignment will require you to prepare the cash budget and determine the cash inflows, cash outflows, and the expected change in cash each month.

You need to show your working notes for credit. You must submit your work using excel files (with .xls or .xlsx for credit). Late submissions will not be accepted so please plan accordingly

The management estimates total sales for the period January, 2019 through June, 2019 based on actual sales from the immediate past six months. The following assumptions are made:

ï‚· The Sales were $140,000 in July 2018 and then the sales grew by 2% each month in the first three months (i.e., from August to October 2018) and by 5% in the next two months (i.e., in November and December 2018). The sales are expected to grow by 1% each month thereafter.

ï‚· 35% of the Sales are collected in the same month. 33% of the sales are collected in the following month. 31% of the sales are collected after two months and the remainder are not collected.

 The Purchases are 70% of each month’s sales and paid in the same month.

ï‚· Wages and Salaries are $25,000 each month and paid in the same month.

ï‚· Other administrative expenses are $15,000 and paid in the same month.

ï‚· Depreciation expense is $5,000 each month.

ï‚· An electrical device worth $30,000 will be purchased in April 2019. 50% of the amount due will be paid immediately and the balance will be paid in May, 2019.

ï‚· The company had previously taken a loan of $125,000. The annual interest rate on the loan amount is 5%. The interest is paid twice a year in June and December each year. Assume that no principal repayments are made in this period, only interest payments are made.

ï‚· The company pays rent of $3,500 quarterly (in March, June, September, and December each year).

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