earth s energy budget 1

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Download Assignment 10.1 (Links to an external site.)

Complete the energy budget exercise (Links to an external site.) then submit your responses to the questions below. (Ignore the questions that appear at the end of the assignment)


Investig. Oceanogr.: Ch. 6.1, Ch. 16.1-3

Segar: Ch. 7 pp 141-147 (Links to an external site.), Critical Concept 9 (Links to an external site.)

*** Be sure to compose your responses in your own words. ***

  1. Identify two ways Earth’s atmosphere receives heat and two ways Earth’s atmosphere loses heat.
  2. In the completed exercise, you learned that out of the 51 units of solar radiation only 21 units are available to be emitted as outgoing radiation. Explain why the Earth’s surface actually radiates 117 units. Identify the process that keeps Earth’s temperature relatively warm.
  3. Explain what would happen to the Earth’s energy balance if the concentration of greenhouse gases increases.

ps: here is a video explain the assignments you will find the explains in the 6:44 min of the video…

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