what is radiation protection

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This is a research paper on Radiation protection.

Books that can be used as reference : Principles of Radiographic Imaging 5th Edition and Radiography Prep Edition 9.

– Effects of radiation; somatic and genetic effects, dose-response relationship, late effects (stochastic, nonstochastic )

– Patient radiation and protection

* Collimation (beam restriction)

* Technical factors that play a role in reducing patient dose(kvp, mAs, distance)

* Shielding the patient (gonadal shielding)

* Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) how does this affect the patient radiation?

* Grids

* In fluoroscopy, how is the radiation reduced for the patient?

– Radiographer and Personnel protection

* Occupational radiation sources ( scattered radiation and leakage radiation)


* Dosimeters

* Cardinal Rules ( time, distance shielding)

* Inverse square law

* Primary and secondary barriers

* different types of shielding for the radiographer

* In case a radiopgrapher is pregnant what is done?

* Mobile units and fluoroscopy effects of radiographer.


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