project proposal 48

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Please submit your proposal for your research or project. The proposal should include:

  1. Student’s Name(s)
  2. The title and description of the project
  3. Identify the goal of the project – what will be produced
  4. What challenges will you face in doing the project?
  5. If you are working with a partner, identify the anticipated role/contribution of each person, in terms of research and modeling.

Be sure to get started on the project, as time is marching on… I will will give feedback on the proposals – your final report must be ready for presentation in Meeting 5.

Project Description

Course participants will complete and present the results of an approved Project. The project can take one of two forms: 1) framing, analyzing, and appraising one or more challenging decisions for a decision maker (or makers) outside the class, or 2) developing a tool or process to support decision making. If a tool or process is developed, it may be one of two types: 1) for application in a specific domain or to a specific class of decisions (examples: deciding whether to purchase a vacation timeshare property; deciding where to apply to graduate school, deciding what car to buy), or 2) for general application in decision making (examples: a tool for eliciting values; a tool for creating and analyzing prospect tables). The project report should be 5 to 10 pages and conform to APA style.

In lieu of a project, a Research Paper or Book Report may be accomplished as an individual effort. This must be an original paper closely related to some core course topic (see Summary of Course Topics in the Syllabus). The research paper must conform to APA style. An excellent grade would be awarded for a 7 to10-page paper of sufficient quality for acceptance at a peer-reviewed conference or workshop. Content is more important than length. A paper of 5 to 7 pages could receive an above average grade if the writing is good, and the analysis is clearly related to the core concepts, tools and ideas of the course.

You will deliver a presentation to summarize the key points and findings of your project. Your presentation should be 5 minutes, and should cover the main points and insights of your work. Please be sure to practice the timing of your presentation – to maintain the pace of the meeting, you could be cut off if you’re still presenting after 7 minutes.

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