final assignment please submit with a work no plagarism

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please follow directions , no plagarism and provide A + work

Please submit your response to the Final Exam as an MSWord or .rtf file through the link below.

Ethics Final

Please choose the best answer to the following multiple choice questions. (5 points each)

1. According to the book, the most basic logical principle of any moral system is the_____________.

a) Principle of Self-interest.

b) Principle of Goodness.

c) Principle of the Golden Rule.

d) Principle of Free Love.

2. No one really advocates suicide. But some support the value of the principle of __________

in moral decision making.

a) justice

b) freedom

c) honesty

d) beneficence

3. What would the Domino argument say about lying, stealing, cheating and breaking promises?

a) They are all justifiable in certain situations.

b) They are likely to lead to more of the same.

c) They are all likely to lead to a happier society.

d) They are all unjustifiable.

4. If adulterers are discreet, avoid breaking up or causing harm to their families, and practice

safe sex, then what’s wrong with that?

a) Nothing

b) Adultery always involves deception of some kind

c) Sexual diseases

d) Could lead to “wife swapping” or “swinging”

5. Breaking a promise is acceptable to me on those occasions when I stand to benefit. This is

a(n) __________ argument.

a) Deontological

b) Utilitarian

c) Retributivist

d) Egoistic

Please write T or F next to the following true/false questions. (3 points each)

1. Stealing is acceptable according to some consequentialist arguments.

2. Killing to protect the innocent is accepted by all moral systems.

3. Terrorism is a very recent phenomenon of the 20th century.

4. One of the major problems in setting up a moral system is the conflict between self and other.

5. Kant would argue that we can’t universalize lying, cheating, stealing, and breaking promises.

Please use Kant’s Categorical Imperative to analyze the following statement, “Don’t cheat.” (5 points)

Please write a paragraph in response to the following 2 questions. (15 points each)

1. Is lying ever morally justifiable? What about “little lies” or “white lies”. Use examples to illustrate your answer.

2. “Pornography is an acceptable practice because it brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people” What kind of argument is this? Please discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

Please discuss a current event. Then discuss how an ethical egoist, utilitarian, virtue ethicist, Immanuel Kant, and you would analyze it. (25 points)

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