communication speech Questions

((( For each Questions 1 paragraph )))


Journal 1: Please tell me three goals that you have when it comes to bettering your communication skills. Why are these goals important to you? How will your life be affected if do not improve said skills?

Journal 2: What is Empathy? In your own words, please explain to me what you think empathy is and why it is important. What was your empathy score on the inventory exercise found on pp13-15? Thoughts?

Journal 3: What is something new that you are going to try for the next 30 days? Why?

Journal 4:: Find an online story about someone’s vulnerability. Once you’ve read the story please read some of the comments about the story. What are your thoughts? Does vulnerability seem worth it to you because of the reactions? Why or why not?

Journal 5 Before I die I want to……………..

Journal 6: Go to Click activities and complete 10 of the suggested activities (some only take a minute or two). Do the “Writing” activities for class, but feel free to do the photo ones at any time. Your journal entry is simply the product of your activities. GO!

Journal 7: Favorite UPWORTHY video shown in class. Why? If you were going to make an upworthy type video—what would the topic be? Why?

Journal 8: How did you become you? Who and what shaped you into the person you are today? Be specific. I want examples.

Journal 9: What have you ALWAYS wondered about but were afraid to ask? Fill the page with questions!! This will be an anonymous entry so feel free to write ANYTHING!! 

Journal 10: Tell me about the song you chose to share. How do you communicate through music? What is the message (if any) that you hope the class gets from your song choice? Why do you think music is so powerful?

Journal 11: Write a letter to a friend or family member. Say whatever you’d like. This letter should be HAND WRITTEN—not typed. Bring the address of the person you’d like to send it to and I will provide the envelope and stamp.

Journal 12: How did your try something new for 30 days activity go? Did you follow through? Why or why not? What does this exercise (completed or not) say about you, your motivation, your dreams, your expectations for yourself?

Journal 13: Which Ted talk have you liked the most and why? How did it “speak” to you and in what ways did it change or enhance your view?

Journal 14: Please reflect on the semester. What will you take away from the course? Have your communication skills improved? How?

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