expanded comparison matrix paper

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Locate the completed Part One: Expanded Comparison Matrix with instructor feedback you submitted in Topic 5.

Locate the Part Two: Comparison Matrix Paper Assignment with instructor feedback you submitted in Topic 4.

Use the instructor feedback provided for that paper to revise your paper.

To reach a final length of 1,250 1,500 words, add sections to your essay in which you compare the literature review and the study conclusions. Your comparisons should answer the following questions and your conclusions should be supported with appropriate citations:

  1. In which study(ies) are the themes of the literature review similar? Different?
  2. Who (if any) are the authors that you see in common to the literature review of all three studies?
  3. In which study(ies) does the data support the conclusion?
  4. In which study(ies) does the conclusion answer the research question?
  5. What questions would you ask the author(s)?


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