project management discussion 7

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Topic 1: How to Succeed in Managing Projects

Use your favorite search engine and look for articles that ask the question “How to Succeed?” and provide insight by John Mackey and Kip Tindell.

What insights were you able to find on Mackey and Tindell? Are Mackey and Tindell onto something, or are they businesses anomalies in the industry? Do you agree that the purpose of business is not primarily to maximize shareholder value? Support your position.

Topic 2: Article Search

Use your favorite search engine to search for the following article from American Management Association by Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez.


Ramirez, M. A. (November 2008). Three business skills generation next can teach us today. American Management Association: Leaders Edge, 3(11).

Answer the following: Is there a place in the business community for the skills that one can develop from social networking? What do you see from Dr. Ramirez’s article that you feel can be put to use on a project that you might manage?

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