final paper week 3 pre assignment details amp rubric

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Use two paper attached to complete assignment Rubric for week 3 assignment is attached

Make sure you read the following regarding the final paper:

  • First, the industry and location for the final paper will be the same industry and location that you are using for the pre-assignments. If the pre-assignments are well-developed, your final paper should be easy to write since the research will already be done. At that point all that will be needed is to organize the information pieces into a cohesive paper. The paper should not be in “question-and-answer” format, but rather in a formal paper format. If you are already using the formal paper format in your pre-assignments, you can cut & paste from the pre-assignments for the final paper, and then just proofread and make minor changes for continuity. If you have additional questions, please let me know.
  • Next, you can change the format of a section or page in your paper by using a section break or a page break. Using this method, you can format your reference page differently than the rest of your paper, with the first line of each entry at the left margin and subsequent entries indented. I have posted a short (4 minute) video in week 3 that goes over this method.
  • Please also be careful with subject-verb agreement. If a subject is plural, the verb needs to be in plural form. This can be tricky if there are plural descriptors around a singular subject, so be sure to identify the subject, and read questionable sentences out loud to hear how they sound. Example: “There is a blue and white sign with many words and letters that covers the entrance.” In this sentence, the subject is “sign” so the verbs “is” and “covers” are singular to match. We are saying that “the sign covers” something. This is true even though “many words and letters” are plural nouns – they are not the main subject but rather items that describe the sign.

Feed back for this paper

Good idea and good location.

Excellent description of demographics and lifestyle that support this type of business.

One minor note: luxury items are typically more price elastic because if the price goes up dramatically, people can find alternatives or go without.

Good references. In your final paper, you can set the format on the reference page by inserting a page break at the beginning, then adjust the ruler at the top so that the top arrow is at the left margin and the bottom arrow is indented.

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