academic writing please consider all the points below

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please write 2500 words no less than that please with Harvard .. i have done my internship in MB / MBPS Petroleum company in Oman In this assignment, you are required to give an overview of your host organisation and then carry out a strategic analysis of the organisation using at least two strategic evaluation tools (PEST(EL), Porter’s five forces, SWOT, Four Corners, Value Chain analysis , etc).

Your report should not be more than 2500 words long and should have the following sections: a short executive summary (about 250 words; 5% of marks), introduction (5%), overview of the organisation (15%), evaluation using Tool 1 (20%), evaluation using Tool 2 (20%), recommendations to the organisation (30%), and conclusions (5%).

The organisation’s overview should include a brief history of the business, type of ownership, the sector it operates in, size (number of employees), who/where its customers are, organisational structure, etc. In the strategic evaluation sections, you should give a brief description of and rationale for the tools chosen before carrying out the evaluation. Recommendations should include actions that you would propose the organisation undertakes in the short, medium and long term in light of your evaluation.

To assess your assignment, the following criteria will be used:

[if !supportLists][endif]Informativeness and succinctness of your executive summary

[if !supportLists][endif]Justification of the strategic analysis tools selected

[if !supportLists][endif]Depth and insightfulness of the evaluation

[if !supportLists][endif]Usage of appropriate academic and other references

[if !supportLists][endif]Specificity and relevance of illustrative examples

[if !supportLists][endif]Cogency and implementability of the recommendations

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