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We have been considering how to identify, present, and offer a solution to a problem in the workplace. This is a skill valued by employers someone who can be proactive. This basis for the white paper report is now supplemented with three sources that you have gathered thus far: a credible news source, an academic journal article, and a blog.

We will now take the information we have collected, and use it in a formal business letter.

Reading assignment:

Read The Elements of Technical Writing, Chapter 10, pages 146 153.

Discussion assignment:




Peer/group assignment:


Written assignment:


The letter is an formal document that is used externally for communication outside a company or organization. It is a means to share official information with the public or affiliated constituents. The letter can also be considered a binding contractual agreement in some circumstances.

In this situation, the letter will serve as an official communication with the dream job company, and should have a formal tone.

The reading in chapter 10 gives a very detailed explanation about the letter structure, and a few examples. Pay close attention to the parts of the letter, but use the structure information below.

1. Purpose: Write a letter to someone at your dream job company in order to discuss what you have found out thus far in researching information for the white paper report. Use the information located in the news story, the journal article, and the blog post to provide facts or details. Your outline can also help you collect your thoughts in writing the letter.

2. Contact: Find the website of the company to locate contact information for an individual at the company, for the person who will be receiving the letter. A letter routinely goes through the postal mail system with a stamp and is delivered to the address on the envelope, which is the recipient address in the letter. Incomplete addresses means the letter can not be delivered.

3. Structure: The letter should be:

one to two pages long

about 250 to 350 words

single spaced

at least four but not more than ten paragraphs.

Submit your assignment here.

Due date:

Friday, week 5, 5:00 p.m.


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