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1. (Chapter 1) This week, we learned how to assess and what to assess about the existing software testing capabilities, staff competencies, and user satisfaction of a software testing organization. Please use the criteria listed in Work Paper 1-1 of the textbook to derive the following: Describe three attributes of the world-class testing environment with respect to a. management support and state why each attribute is important. b. the use of test processes and state why each attribute is important. c. test quality control and state why each attribute is important. 2. (Chapter 2) Answer the following questions concerning management creating a supportive environment of software testing: a. In a company, which group is responsible for creating an environment for effective and efficient software testing? Why is this group responsible? What are the priorities? b. There are at least five major tasks that are necessary for creating and maintaining an effective and efficient testing environment by the group. For each task, in about three sentences describe what the task is and explain why it is important. c. OR…(alternative). Develop a Risk Matrix like figure 2-8 using Work Paper 2-1. You may use Excel to develop this matrix. 3. (Chapter 5) Does the job of software testing rely more heavily on personal competency or on mature work processes? Explain why in about five sentences. 4. (Practice) You are the only software tester of a small software development company. Below is the user requirement statements captured for a small application to be written. Describe two issues that might be troublesome with the user requirements. For each issue, explain why that issue exists and the possible negative impact when the software is used in the real world. For example, some pointers to get you thinking: Are the points consistent with each other? Are the requirements detailed enough? Do they cover all possible situations within the scope to make the software useful in the real world? Problem Statement (User Requirements Captured): We are a small company with three people on our payroll. We want to have a Java program to calculate the monthly pay for each person in the company. This application accepts from a user (1) an hourly rate and (2) a total number of hours worked in a week. It calculates and displays the total weekly wage of that employee. The company pays straight time for the first 40 hours worked by an employee and times and a half for all the hours worked in excess of 40.

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