theatre 101 reflection essay movie novel play script etc

Theatre 101

Please, read the instruction on bottom before you give me a handshake.

I need you to write me a college level 5.5 paged (typed double spaced) reflections essay by Sunday, Dec/02/ at Noon (CST).


It should include all five of the following:

(1) a summary of materials on the topic

(2) a discussion of relevant ideas on the topic from the assigned readings

(3) reflections on the topic from your own experience

(4) an expansion of one of your ideas using additional research

(5) a bibliography of at least two sources, (not including the materials I will be providing; see more details on  bottom)


Topics: (chose one; these are novel, play script, movie)

a.       Tragedy in ordinary life: reflections on Death of a Salesman.

b.      Tragedy  and illusion: Glass Menagerie

c.       Old age and power: Reflections on King Lear

d.      The Comedy of civil rights: Driving Miss Daisy

e.      The Tragi-comedy of human relationships: Steel Magnolias

f.        The Tragi-comic characters of Lost in Yonkers


Instruction: Select one of the topics and exactly write which topic you will be working on. I will provide one page class note for the writing upon agreement. You are more than welcome to change your topic anytime if you do, please request the right class note for the changed topic. Make sure you finish on time ! Cheers.


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