Health Policy, Politics and Perspectives (The Next Big Issues in Health Policy)

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What Are the Next Big Issues in Health Policy?

Assume you have the ability to select one major “new” health policy for implementation. Select ONE topic from those presented in this week’s readings.


Barton, M. (2013, November 26). Understanding population health management: A diabetes example. Health Catalyst. Retrieved from

Blumenthal, D., & Chopra, A. (2018, March 23). Apple’s pact with 13 health care systems might actually disrupt the industry. The Commonwealth Fund. Retrieved from

Fagotto, E., & Fung, A. (2019, March 1). A connected patient is a healthier patient. The Commonwealth Fund. Retrieved from

Using 500 to 600 words, complete the following:

– Explain why you chose your topic and describe the expected impact on population health within the next five years.


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