Order 1460926: Annotated Bibliography

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TOPIC: U.S.A vs U.K in Regards to Mental Health (Specifically Suicide & Depression) Your annotated bibliography will be primarily graded based upon proper APA format used for the Reference section of the paper. This assignment is worth 15% of your grade and a total of 10 points to be earned. Some expected components for the 10 points: Double spaced Hanging indention Proper listing of the authors’ names Proper way to capitalize and italicize the title/book name/journal name/website. Do not use the standardized abbreviation for a journal Proper punctuations Alphabetized correctly DOI given when available If there is no DOI, then directed to primary source with “Retrieved (date) from (list the primary source link)” Proper number of references/websites Current literature unless it is a historical piece for the topic Be sure to limit your search for literature to the most recent past-after the year 2000 unless it is a reference important in the history of the topic. An annotation is your notes IN YOUR OWN WORDS, a summary and/or an evaluation of the reading source and possibly a quote that is particularly poignant for this topic. Therefore, an annotated bibliography includes your notes, a summary and/or evaluation of each of the sources as well as the proper listing of the source in APA format. No title page, abstract or running head are required for this assignment. A Paper Rubric: Document cites the number of sources outlined in the assignment. Cites three DIFFERENT (journals, books, websites, etc.) types of sources. All sources cited can be considered reliable and/or trustworthy. All annotations are thoughtful, complete, and well written. Citations are formatted correctly in the document.


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