Good Vibrations: The Neuroscience of OM

History of OM chanting prior to modern postural yoga (MPY) and its adoption

and appropriation by MPY.

Questions: How does OM chanting affect the brain, and how did this adoption

allow for scientific breakthroughs surrounding OM chanting and vibration as a

potential treatment for neurological and/or psychological disorders? Can OM

chanting be used therapeutically for neurological and psychological conditions?


 History of OM and its use in MPY

 Vocal vibration is necessary for “cleansing” cerebrospinal fluid. Mantras

are more vibratory than normal speech.

 How modern medicine uses vibration for treatment and diagnosis,

including brain ultrasound for administering drugs

 fMRI study of OM

 Individual experiences of OM chanting as a healing ritual.

The attached document gives a good background.

Additional materials;


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