US Military Service, social science homework help

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7–8 pages in length. In your paper, include your interview questions and a summary of your interviewee’s responses to the questions.

Then, write a reflection on your findings.

Part I: Interview an individual who is active military or separated from the military.

Note: You may need to adapt the following questions based on whether your

interviewee is active military or separated from the military.

  • Can you please identify your affiliation: branch, rank, and job?
  • Can you please summarize your permanent change of station (PCS) and
  • deployment experience?

  • Why did you join the military?
  • Why did you separate?
  • How would you characterize your experience in the military?
  • How did/does your military experience affect your family?
  • Identify some positive and negative aspects of your military experience.
  • How would you describe military culture in general?
  • What are some memorable experiences about your military life?
  • How did your experience in the military help form or influence your identity?
  • Consider someone who wants to work in a professional capacity with military
  • personnel, active, retired, or reserves. What is especially important for this individual

    to know about military culture? Why is this especially important?

  • How can professionals help support military personnel and their families?
  • As a helping professional, you need to engage in conversations with others. How you

    ask and what you ask is crucial in the development of any helping relationship.

    Therefore, think beyond the provided questions to enhance your interview. In addition to

    using the questions provided, you must craft at least 5 additional questions to ask your


    Note: Throughout this course, you and your colleagues will be posting ideas for

    additional interview questions in a wiki. Use the wiki contributions to develop additional


    Part II: Reflection

  • What information did you gain as a result of this interview?
  • What information might be missing?
  • How does the information you have gathered inform your professional role?
  • Did this interview change your perspective on military culture? If so, how?
  • Did you learn anything about yourself through this interview? What misconceptions
  • did you discover? What stood out for you in terms of military culture? Provide

    specific examples.

  • What skills or sensitivities do you think you might need to expand upon? Why are
  • these skills or sensitivities especially relevant to your work with military personnel

    and their families?

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