Using SOAP for Geriatric Patient, health & medical homework help

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This assessment assignment is to be done on a 75 y/o or older client

(aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, or any other older relative

could be used as your client) to include physiological, functional,

psycho-social, mental status, family support systems, and environmental

factors. If the client has any specific deficits apparent, implied, or

potential for deficits, these factors must be evaluated carefully. Some

of these factors may include the presence of a specific illness or

injury, loss of function, or problems with mobility, mental/emotional

deficits such as depression, or Alzheimer’s, possibility of being

abused, and/or lack of adequate support systems. The specific format

used to record the information will be a SOAP format or the format in

Chapter 27 of your Jarvis Health Assessment textbook 6th or 7th Editions

last chapter (See below for more details of the guidelines:

Chapter 27 “The Complete Health Assessment: Putting It All Together” of

the 6th or 7th editions last Chapter of the Jarvis Physical Examination

& Health Assessment book, there is a guide on how to do a complete

assessment of the adult patient (see pages 763 thru 771). You can also

look in the Lab Manual that goes with the Jarvis health Assessment

textbook for Chapter 27 which also gives you a guide for doing the

complete Geriatric Assessment. Use either format to guide you in doing

your Geriatric Assessment. The last Chapter in Jarvis, Chapter 30, gives

you a guide as to the Functional Assessment of the Older Adult. This

Chapter has numerous exams that can be used on the older adult to denote

activities of daily living, risk factor exams, cognitive teats,

depression scales, strain indexes, safety checklists, when to stop

driving test, mini mental stasis exams, and more found throughout the

textbook. Questions to consider while performing the health assessment

of your geriatric client are as follows: 1.) Describe the acute and

chronic conditions your client is currently experiencing; 2.) Which

signs and symptoms are related to normal aging and which can you

contribute to pathophysiology; 3.) What factors have contributed to the

health conditions possessed by your client; 4.) Describe the priorities

of care for your client; 5.) Discuss your client’s current condition in

terms of Self-Care Model for geriatric nursing; 6.) Identify life

experiences that have been unique to your client that may have prepared

them to cope with the challenges of aging: 7.) What obstacles does your

client face when trying to maintain an active state; 8.) What does your

client do for mental stimulation: 9.) What questions will you ask to

assess your client’s spiritual beliefs and needs: 10.) What changes

should be made to your client’s home to make it user-friendly and safe

for your client;11.) Discuss the actual and potential family problems

that might be associated with caring for your client; 12.) All screening

tools used for the assessment of the geriatric patient should be cited

and put into your reference page. The guideline rubrics for this

assignment are in the guideline for assignment section located in the

course material area of eCourses. If you should have any questions

concerning this assignment, do not hesitate in contacting me.

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