vamsi and raj pm discussion replies 1

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No need to provide replies to main question,read below student posts and reply accordingly.

Main que : Read the case study “McRoy Aerospace” on page 332 and answer questions 4 and 5 on page 333.

student posts :

chris – 1. Was Mark correct in what he said to get Jack to continue investigating the problem?

Yes. What Mark said was motivating, honorable, and humble. He didn’t criticize or ridicule Jack for not being able to solve the problem; he made it clear that Jack was the most expert at the company, and he was asking Jack for his opinion as opposed to making commands.

2. Should Mark just have given up on the idea rather than what he said to Jack?

No. What Mark said got the job done, right? Mark’s approach and its qualities, as outlined in the answer above, was the right approach.

3. Should Mark have assigned this to someone else rather than giving Jack a second chance, and if so, how might Jack react?

No. It was right to give Jack a second chance, as evidenced by Jack eventually solving the problem. Had Jack’s request been rejected, Jack probably would have felt that Mark’s comments about appreciating Jack’s efforts and how Jack is the most suitable person for the task were insincere. Jack probably would’ve left the conversation feeling demoralized, dejected, and possibly reprimanded for not being able to solve an “impossible” problem.

4. What should Mark have done if Jack still was not able to resolve the problem?

Mark should have thanked Jack for his time and find other options to either solve the problem or tackle a different problem that will help him achieve his objectives.

5. Would it make sense for Mark to assign this problem to someone else now, after Jack could not solve the problem the second time around?

Yes. What difference does it make? Jack couldn’t solve it the first time, so it’s no surprise.

6. What other options, if any, were now available to Mark?

Mark said that Jack was probably the only person who could solve the problem. Had Jack failed again, Mark could have looked to hire someone externally. Or, Mark could have sourced and pursued other projects that can help achieve the same goal.

prashant – What does Mark should have done when Jack still could not still solve the problem?

According to the passage, Jack seems to be the only guy who can resolve this issue. And it clearly states that if jack cannot resolve this issue, no one else can do it. And looks like Jack had already tried his two weeks of effort in uniquifying the doors and his attempt to the experiment of big save for the company had been failed. He realized that there is no way this change can be created and confesses his attempt and the failure to mark right away as soon as mark requested for the work to jack. This clearly shows that jack was very confident of the work and provides accurate information without wasting anyone’s resources.

Would it make sense for Mark to assign this problem to someone else now, after Jack

Could not solve the problem the second time around?

With all the internal employees the McRoy aerospace company had got, the only one who can resolve the issue is Jack that had been clearly stated in the passage that mark is looking upon jack to complete the task. When mark attempted second time to jack, he took it up and the successfully ending passage says that jack was able to complete the task. If at all jack could have not been able to complete the work even after second time, the company is left with only options – either to outsource the parts or to hire someone competitive doing a similar work from the industry. But keeping the timelines and budget and profit margin in mind, the project manager needs to make appropriate decision based on the situation.

nikhil – 4)What should Mark have done if jack still was not able to resolve the problem?

As Mark knows, Jack has very strong expertise in designing work and other strong skill set. Mark knows that if there is any person in the organization who can accomplish this challenging task to designing 4 pair of doors mechanism, Mark believes that Jack is a problem solver and he is the best in complex challenges. I think, Mark would have encouraged Jack by providing some more some time to think about the problem and come up with possible solution as Mark believes Jack has solved many complex problems in past and he is best in his work. So instead to give up on Jack and giving chance to other, better to give another chance to resolve the problem.

5)Would it make sense for Mark to assign this problem to someone else now, after jack could not solve the problem the second time around?

It depends on the project timeline on design phase. Most of the projects has timeline schedule to complete design work. If Mark’s project has timeline scheduled to complete the design work, then definitely I would say instead to spend more time on Jack, Mark can offer this opportunity to other resource who has strong knowledge and experience on designing part. If any strong resource is not available in their organization, Mark could hire contracting resource from third party who has expertise on similar design work. As we know Mark needs this design to complete to proceed further on manufacturing, inventory, and other steps. Without this design Mark can’t make another step ahead. On the other side, If Mark’s project doesn’t have specific timeline for this 4 doors pair mechanism design, I would say definitely Mark would provide a third chance to Jack to work and deep think out of the box to come up with possible solution. Sometimes people come up with solution when they play around back to back on same problem or issue.

Rudra- Question no. 4:

From my viewpoint, I think Mark is envisioning that Jack is the best choice to settle the issue and in case Jack unfit to do as such by then nobody will settle such similar issues. For the circumstance research in like manner its predefined that Jack settled the issue charmingly (Kerzner, 2017). Furthermore, he handles issues pleasantly and alludes a sound arrangement (Kerzner, 2017). The reasonable thing is if Jack can’t manage the issue it suggests, either Jack can’t understand why the issue occurs, or he understands how issue occurred now he doesn’t perceive what necessities to do to deal with the issue (Kerzner, 2017). Seeing issue and methodology does an essential task yet comprehend an answer, everything considered, is caught. For this circumstance, Jack not set up to than Mark could get another person who formally managed an equivalent kind of issue.

Question no. 5:

I put a supposition of two cases. In any case, in case the endeavor has space plan shrewd to oblige by, by then, Mark will give a third-time chance to Jack by giving some progressively important chance to deal with the issue (Kerzner, 2017). Second, if the endeavor gets no chance to suit, by then he had no other choice; he needs to move someone else to deal with the issue at the most brief shot (Kerzner, 2017).

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