video clip response 2

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Choose one of the below films only!

Gender Identity: Meant to Be Maddie

  1. Although Maddie’s parents knew early on that something was different about her, her father did not fully accept that Maddie was transgender until her counselor confirmed it unequivocally. Why do you think a family might be hesitant to accept that their child is transgender?
  2. Maddie’s father said that one of the biggest difficulties he faced was the mourning process—that is, mourning the loss of a son—which initially caused a rift between him and Maddie. How do you think parents are affected by having transgender children? What difficulties might they face in responding to their child’s transition?
  3. Maddie’s parents are fully supportive of her transition, but this is not the case for all transgender people. Young transgender people are 41% more at risk to commit suicide than their peers. How might parental support such as that Maddie receives help mitigate this risk? How can communities support young transgender people?

Watch the film clip prompt above. Answer the 3 questions in 300 words or more. Post your answers to this dropbox in Word. Be sure to include your word count.


Transgender Bathrooms: The Debate in Washington State

  1. The video focuses on two groups on opposite sides of a debate over a ballot initiative to overturn Washington state’s nondiscrimination laws protecting the rights of transgender people. Ballot initiatives often play an important role in American democracy, but should the rights of vulnerable groups such as transgender people be determined by popular vote? Why or why not?
  2. Just Want Privacy supporters argue that the nondiscrimination laws that protect the right of transgender people in Washington state to use restrooms and locker facilities that match their gender identity allow any man to use a women’s restroom simply by claiming to be a woman. Is this a valid argument? Why or why not?
  3. Just Want Privacy supporters argue that they just want to overturn the nondiscrimination laws to protect their privacy, while the Washington Won’t Discriminate supporters argue that the nondiscrimination laws are essential for protecting their equality. Who has the stronger argument? Do you think the law should protect privacy over equality or equality over privacy? Why?
  4. In America, restroom and locker facilities are traditionally segregated by gender. Do you think this is an effective system? Consider not only the issues related to transgender rights, but also the practical and logistical problems this system often causes, such as much longer lines in women’s restrooms at large events. Can you think of a more effective system that would protect the rights of everyone to privacy and equality?

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