W7 Reflective Journal business and finance homework help

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W7 Reflective Journal

The chapter discusses how sales promotion can be used to contribute to the development or maintenance of brand equity by developing a promotional offer that is consistent with the image or positioning of a product or service. Find an example of a contest, sweepstakes or premium offer that a marketer is currently running and analyze the promotion with respect to how it contributes to brand equity. You can find examples of contests, sweepstakes or premium offers in magazine ads, free standing inserts (FSIs) in the Sunday newspaper, or on the Internet. Your analysis should include a discussion of the image or positioning the marketer is using for the brand and how the promotional offer supports the advertising campaign being used for the brand.

Your work should be at least 500 words and draw from your own personal thoughts and ideas. This journal entry should be written in first person and if you use information from the textbook or lecture you must cite your sources


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