Was the denial of Principal Jones’s request for public access to information properly denied/correct?, case analysis help

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Consider the following scenario:

Laura Johnson just graduated college and has applied for a teaching position at Desert Elementary school, home of the howling coyotes. The principal, Mrs. Jones, is familiar with Laura’s parents and has heard many rumors that the family is involved in narcotic sales. The principal asks the local sheriff to provide all records maintained on Laura Johnson, an applicant for employment with Desert Elementary. The sheriff’s office denies the request. Unbeknownst to the principal, Laura and her parents are currently part of a large sting operation called “Jailing the Johnsons”.

Principal Jones is upset with the sheriff and goes home to complain to her husband. Her husband works at the Arizona Department of Education. Mr. Jones checks his office’s records and discovers that on Laura Johnson’s teaching license application she listed two arrests for prostitution. Both arrests were not prosecuted due to a lack of cooperation by the men involved in the prostitution cases. Mr. Jones makes a copy of the application and gives it to his wife.

  • Was the denial of Principal Jones’s request for public access to information properly denied/correct? If it was improperly denied, what remedies are available to her?
  • While sitting in an interview with Principal Jones, Laura notices the disclosure provided by Mr. Jones in Principal Jones’s files. Was Mr. Jones’s disclosure proper? If not, what remedies are available to her?


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