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This assignment consists of two components, and you have already started working on the first one, the personal reflection essay. The personal reflection is designed to help you come up with content for a WordPress website about you. The site will be personal insofar as it will focus on you specifically, but it will also be professional because the purpose of the site is to present yourself in a professional manner that will appeal to potential employers. In other words, you will want to compose the site so that it effectively presents you in a way that could help you get a job.

What you include on your website will depend primarily on what field you plan to go into. An artist might include a kind of portfolio of their work whereas a biology major might focus more on their science background and the specific plans for the future. A psychology major might include a page that similarly describes their science background, but they might decide to write a more in-depth page about their plans for grad school.

You will need to compose text content for your site, but you will also want to use images to help make the page more visually engaging. In order to avoid copyright infringement, you need to make sure that all of the images have Creative Commons licenses and that you credit the author.

Key Features of an Effective WordPress Site

  • The layout and design should attract a reader’s interest: thus your page must make use of fonts, colors, and layout to make it more visually dynamic. You should also think of this in terms of usability and accessibility.
  • The site should be thorough and thoughtful, reflecting the amount of time we will work on it. A page thrown together in a couple of hours will be obviously incomplete, and the grade for the assignment will reflect that.
  • All images should have Creative Commons licenses and must properly credit the source of the image.
  • The overall organization should be clear and thoughtful. How many pages you have and how much content goes on each page could vary widely, but remember that you don’t want your user to have to scroll down very far on any particular page.
  • The minimum number of pages required for your site is three: an about page, a résumé page, and a contact page.
  • The site must exhibit meticulous editing and proofreading. Your pages will be publicly accessible and future employers will Google your name before they hire you, so make sure that every page is polished and professional.
  • There should be evidence that shows you have paid attention to the rhetorical situation, especially the purpose, audience, and media/design.

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