week 2

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In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to become reacquainted
with hypothesis testing concepts. There are two parts to this assignment;
submit both parts in a single file.

Part I:

Please respond to the following questions and prompts using this week’s
assigned resources.

1. What is hypothesis testing?
2. Discuss the statement “The sample must be representative of the

population.” In your discussion, be sure to include the concepts of
generalizability and sampling procedures.

3. In hypothesis testing, there are some errors that could be
committed if the wrong decision is made regarding the null
hypothesis. These errors are Type I and Type II errors. Please
describe each one of them, and provide an example when you are
committing a Type I and/or a Type II error.

4. Discuss each of the three main assumptions for parametric
statistics. Include in your discussion which of the variables will be
tested for the assumptions, the independent, or dependent

a. Describe and explain the assumption of normality. How could
you test for this assumption?

b. Describe and explain the assumption of independence.
c. Provide an example of a statistical analysis where

homogeneity of variance is important.

Part II:

The small dataset in Table 2 is the same dataset from Week 1 based a
study conducted within a single middle school. Recall that,

fundamentally, this study is a comparison of the differences between
male and female teachers in personal Confidence Scores and was
conducted to determine if a relationship exists between the number of
Years of Experience and Confidence Scores. The researcher wants to
examine if the variables years of experience and sex would be
significant predictors of confidence scores.

Table 2

Sex, Years of Experience, and Confidence Scores

Sex Years of

Confidence Scores

Male 15 110

Male 3 117

Female 12 118

Male 8 120

Female 23 104

Female 9 100

Male 37 107

Male 14 115

Male 10 114

Female 4 115

Female 11 115

Male 1 100

Female 3 117

Female 7 115

Male 2 103

Female 21 125

Male 28 115

Female 9 115

Male 5 110

Female 3 110

Open the dataset confidencescores.sav (located in this week’s
resources) or type into SPSS the data presented in Table 2. Once the
dataset is open or the data are typed into SPSS, conduct the following

5. Conduct the appropriate test (Kolmogorov-Smirnov or
Shapiro-Wilk’s) for normality, and provide the results and a brief
discussion of the results (test used, test results, p-value, etc.). Be
sure to discuss if the assumption of normality was met or violated.

6. Please conduct the test homogeneity of variance and provide the
results and a brief discussion of the results (test used, test results,
p-value, etc.). Make sure to discuss if the assumption of normality
was met or violated.

Length: Complete responses to all parts of all six questions and prompts
across both parts of the assignment. Please include the question
prompts along with your responses in your assignment submission. In
addition to a WORD (.doc) file with the answers to the assignment
questions, also include the output (.spv) file. (NOTE: SPSS automatically
generates the .spv file as you work in SPSS. When you close your SPSS
main window, SPSS will ask you if you want to save the output file. Click
‘yes’, then save to your computer and upload with your assignment.)


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