Week 2 Children Literature

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Include the following:

· Introduction to graphic novels

· A comparison table that compares the similarities and differences of children’s literature in general and graphic novels. Use at least three criteria (or characteristics) to make the comparison.

Under the comparison table include in your narrative for the following topics:

· An explanation of three key elements of graphic novels

· An explanation of how graphic novels can keep a child’s interest

· Recommend 2 graphic novels that include:

· the title and author of each book

· the recommended grade level of each book

· the genre of each book

· the theme of each book

· a summary of each book which includes characters, setting, and plot

· Evaluate each graphic novel regarding its appeal to children and its potential for integration into the curriculum

· Create an activity for one of the recommended graphic novels that will teach a literary device that is used in the graphic novel. Explain the literary device and how it is found in the graphic novel.

· Conclusion to graphic novels

Include citations within your essay for any resources you consulted. Make at least one connection to our text within the essay. Add the references as the final page to the essay. It is often a good idea to create a paragraph(s) for each of the bulleted areas. This will ensure you have addressed all the topics. Detail is important.

Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines. Include a title page.


Submit your assignment.

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