week 2 discussion 104

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Discussion Topic 2

Last week you learned about some of the early scientists and their contributions to the field of microbiology. This week you have the opportunity to learn about more recent scientists that have made or are making important contributions to the field of microbiology, particularly as related to bacteria, viruses, and health.

The table below lists the names of some of these scientists. Select one of the names from the table and use your favorite search engine and library resources to learn something about that person . In your own words provide a couple of sentences to inform your classmates about the scientist’s contribution(s) in the field of microbiology (also specify whether it was related to bacteria or viruses and name the microbe), why it is important, and where he or she lives or works. If you find an interesting tidbit about the scientist’s life you might want to share that as well.

Write your responses as complete sentences and include complete citations for the sources of your information. In your posting please include the name of the scientist you selected as the Topic.

Note: Ask a classmate a question or contribute other comments about the scientist to a classmate’s posting.

See the syllabus for links to guidelines on how to cite sources in APA style and guidance on how to avoid plagiarism. The handout “Paraphrase: Write in Your Own Words” available online Website from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) (https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/using_research/quoting_paraphrasing_and_summarizing/paraphrasing.html) defines what is meant by paraphrasing, its importance, steps, and includes an example comparing a paraphrased, a summarized, and a plagiarized version of a paragraph (other resources are in the Syllabus).

Rearranging the order of words or phrases and/or replacing a word with another one is not writing in your own words.

Select one of the following scientists for your summary:

Almeida, June D.

Fair, Joseph

Beutler, Bruce A.

Levy, Stuart B.

Birx, Deborah L.

Tyrrell, David R.J.

Bishop, Ruth F.

Lipkin, W. Ian

Colwell, Rita

Marshall, Barry J.

Bassler, Bonnie L.

Murthy, Sudhir

Cossart, Pascale

Piot, Peter

Muyembe, Jean-Jacques

Prusiner, Stanley B.

Ryan, Michael J.

Racaniello, Vincent

Colwell, Rita

Rice, Charles M.

Cossart, Pascale

Román, Monserrate

David, Lawrence A.

Schwab, Kellogg J.

Domínguez-Bello, Maria G.

Taubenberger, Jeffrey K.

Dutton, Racheal

Urbani, Carlo

Falkow, Stanley

Varmus, Harold E.

Handelsman, Jo E.

Sabeti, Pardis

Houghton, Michael

Hahn, Beatrice H.


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