week 3 discussion 1 RESPONSE j.t.

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Comment on how your peer explained their view on the philosophy of education and the understanding of how education is acquired. Each participation post should be a minimum of 75 words.

There are several ways that you can teach by example. One is through instruction, think of how you were told how to do something. I have told someone how to operate a weapon in the military long before they were allowed to operate it. Next, is teaching by example of mimicry or imitation. When I first taught a friend how to cross stich I showed them how to make Xs in each box with a strand of floss. Finally, the last type is cultural settings. I have taught what was socially acceptable behavior through the culture around me. I was taught that children are seen but not heard and learned this by being ignored by the adults around me until they chose to acknowledge me.

In our society and culture there are a great many ways to teach and be taught by example. Varying religions have given us a standard to which we should live or try to live up to. Our society or culture shows us all every day how we should behave ethically and morally. As we grow more ethical and moral in our lives we will start to achieve a more sensitive and aware understanding of our impact on those around us as well as our impact globally. This awareness will lend to us an ability to lead by example through inspiration to those around us. Through the inspiration we then have the ability to influence the moral and ethics of our society and culture. We can also accomplish this through our education systems, churches, and how we raise our children.

I do not think that I agree with Rousseau’s assessment. I have learned a great deal of things through example throughout my life and in pursuing my education. I am always learning something new about the world, life, or the people around me. I learn through a variety of ways from reading to watching videos to examples. I watch how people behave and do not always engage those people until I figure out if I feel they are ethical and moral people. I have learned this through example of those that I admire a great deal. An example is my work. I learn better watching a colleague do something new than by reading about it.


McEwan, H. (2011). A Portrait of the Teacher as Friend and Artist: The example of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 43, 509-510.


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