week 5 dis 11

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In the world, currently a lot of advancements have been made about the matters of technology. Many people in different walks of life have appreciated technology, and this is because of its advantages. Lives got improved, and conduction of the various activities became easy with the presence of the different kinds of technology. However, despite its advantages, some disadvantages have resulted in the tremendous increase in technology though it is in small number.

Health category is one field that has faced the impacts of the improvement in technology. The advancement in technology has brought a lot of advantages to this area that has attributed to the minimization, promotion of health matters and has also encouraged patients to be cautious about the own health issues (Heath & Luff 2000). Various technological devices have come up which is helping the people to be able to monitor their health. The devices have aided to the extent whereby, if an illness is detected earlier it can get treated before it becomes worse.

The digital tools that got developed also have helped in enabling the patient to monitor their health status, and so if they see that their health is deteriorating, they will just adjust to better ways that will help them prevent the occurrence of several kinds of illness(Jaana, et al, 2005).This digital equipment will also advise the patients on how they will go about their health matters so that it can get improved, which will also guide them on how to conduct their lifestyle to prevent the diseases.

Technology has come with a lot of positive impact on the human life especially concerning health. Health got promoted due to the advancement of digital equipment that helps an individual to monitor his or her health while at home and not necessarily going to the doctor. These improvements have assisted minimizing the health risk and encouraged various individual on how to live healthily



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