week 7 disc 5 In order to measure the impact of the implementation of sensory comfort room, writing homework help

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In order to measure the impact of the implementation of sensory comfort room, data collection and patient feedback is being utilized. Patient perspective data will be a completed voluntary feedback form. Patient are asked to rate their feelings before they used the comfort room and their feelings after they used the comfort room on 1 to 5-scale using emoticons (higher scores indicate less distress). They also indicate which objects they used while in the comfort room. Monitoring of the unit’s daily and weekly restraint usage is collected to find out if there will are reduction on the restraint usage after the implementation of the comfort room. When a patient requests use of the space, they should be allowed to access it for a specified time frame and for as long as they refrain from destructive, aggressive behaviors while in the space. If a patient has demonstrated an ability to independently use the sensory room and a staff person is not present in the room with a patient, use should be monitored every 15 minutes, or more frequently as needed. The modality promises to be highly beneficial not only for the treatment of agitated patients but also as a strategy for providing more person-centered treatment and aiding in the reduction of staff burnout as well as reducing seclusion and restraint use. The unit is encouraged to collect and maintain comparative data on variables including reduction of level of agitation, decreased use of IM medication, and decreases in staff assault following implementation of sensory equipment and/or sensory room in the inpatient unit.


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