week 9 first draft

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The brand is RHone

You will research and evaluate the brand’s Central Communications Platform, then propose a written plan for improving brand authenticity and transparency via a new campaign (strategy, theme, objectives, tactics and timeline.)

Campaign Research: Describe your campaign. The framework of this section of your paper should follow the stages of the consumer pathway, and incorporate all of the feedback given by your instructor in the weekly blog check-ins. Follow the project outline and rubric for formatting. Reference images or campaign samples by inserting (see Appendix) in the body of the text, and include those visuals in an appendix, after the works cited section.

CCP analysis: This important section of your paper is the analysis – critique the campaign’s Central Communication Platform as you did for the Discussion forum assignment. Be sure to also include campaign metrics – the evaluation language from Chapter 12.

Recommendations: This critique section should flow into a list of recommendations for the brand.

Completed drafts should be 10+ pages: 7-8 pages of written content, 1 title page, 1 page for your Works Cited, and 1-2 pages for the appendix of your campaign visuals/examples.


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