welfare state policy in london and paris

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I have a question and I need your help to answer this question in 10 pages Chicago style essay. the essay requirements : – The paper must be typed in 10 pages long – with a cover page – proper foot notes or end notes -12 point of font and should include a minimum of one page of bibliography including our class readings ( I’m gonna attach the text book ) and outside sources. – So sources are 1 from our textbook ( I’m gonna attach the chapter and notes for the book) and 5 additional sources other than our book, sources should be serious books and articles not Wikipedia or other similar websites, and list them properly on your reference page. ( And please Provide me with the links for the online sources ( journals, articles , books , etc) This is very very important Because I have to make sure that the sources are accurate and related to the paper). And please provide me with a rough draft before the due date, so We can make some changes if it’s possible.

The question is :

Compare and contrast the experiences of poverty (treatment of the poor and the disadvantaged) in Paris and London during the first half of the twentieth century (on the basis of the George Orwell’s book). How much progress have we made in this area since the introduction of the modern welfare state in France,Great Britain and or any other western countries?

In addition to the book by Orwell, you can use our textbook readings to write this paper but please make sure to use at least five additional sources – journal articles and/or books and list them all properly on the reference page (bibliography).


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