What is the definition of a food chain, a food web, and a food pyramid?

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A food chain is an order that animals consume their prey or how they get food, a food web is when two or more food chains connect, and a food pyramid is the four food groups which humans eat.

Food Chain:
The food chain is an example of how food goes around in the animal kingdom. Let’s start off with the sun, since that’s how most food chains begin. Then let’s say grass uses the sun’s energy to grow. Well, a herbivore, let’s say a cow for this example, eats the grass. But humans then eat the cow. This chain continues on.

Food Web:
When an animal, sometimes even a plant, eats one or more of a certain animal/plant, two food chains can interconnect and form a food web. It’s pretty much a gigantic food chain, but each animal eats more than one living creature.

Food Pyramid:
The food pyramid has almost nothing to do with a food chain and the web. This pyramid shows the amount of food from each of the four food groups humans should eat. Meat and alternatives, fruits and veggies, dairy and grain products are the four groups.


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